When Did Replica Rolex Begin To Adopt 904 L Steel To Make Its Steel Cases?

Rolex doesn’t adopt the standard steel that commonly used by many watch brands, instead, they use 904 L steel to manufacture the cases. 904 L steel offers greater resistance to corrosion. As early as in 1985, Rolex became the first watchmaker to adopt 904L steel to manufacture the steel cases of its steel versions.

904 L is with distinctive luster and it usually used in the high technology, aviation and chemistry industry. The extraordinary corrosion-resistance ability is as well as the precious metal. Meanwhile, when it is blended with yellow gold or rose gold, it will be more beautiful and with greater performance. Let us have a look at the glamour of Oystersteel from Rolex Submariner knockoff watch with black ceramic bezel.

The white hands and hour markers are striking to the black dial, offering optimum legibility.

Rolex Sea-Dweller Imitation With Black Dial

The manufacture of 904L steel requires meticulous attention. After the initial casting, the alloy should be melted again in a vacuum to remove all impurities, so as not to reduce the corrosion resistance and affect the polishing effect. For each batch of 904L steel from a supplier, Rolex must rigorously check its quality in a central laboratory and use a scanning electron microscope to inspect any finest flaws on the surface or inside. Only those steels that meet the specific requirements and strict standards of Rolex will be used to make watches. That is why Rolex has so many loyal following. Enjoying the beauty of the 904 L steel from the Rolex copy with black dial.

This Rolex with blue and red ceramic bezel could be regarded as the most popular Rolex this year.

Blue And Red Bezel Fake Rolex


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