Introducing Two Rare And Precious Antique Cartier Replica Watches

Cartier is well-known as the famous jewelry wristwatch, however, many watch lovers consider that they do not preserve the value well. But in fact, the antique Cartier watches are worthy of collecting. Today we will appreciate the beauty of two luxury fake Cartier vintage timepieces together.

Cartier Crash

The diamonds on the case and the pink leather strap will remind the wearers of the happy girlhood time.

Pink Leather Strap Fake Cartier

In 1967, a customer sent his Cartier watch which was broken in an accident to the Cartier boutique in London for repairing. Inspired by the deformed case, Cartier decided to adopt the twisted shape into the design, then Cartier Crash was born. Without any doubt, Cartier Crash is trendy and avant-garde.

Cartier Crash knockoff with white gold case was created in 1999, which is noble but also very humorous. The deformed case and hour markers sport a distinctive look of mild and soft temperament. The pink leather strap will bring the wearers to the pure and romantic girlhood.

Cartier Cloche

The Cartier Cloche would be a small table clock when placing on the desk.

Platinum Case Imitation Cartier Cloche

Cartier Cloche jewelry watch was born in 1922 which features a distinctive shape that combines the square and round well. The traditional image of the desk clock has been transferred to be a different form and it would be a small table clock when placing on the desk. The imitation watch with silver dial features a platinum case was launched in 1886 which was especially for the auction of “The Magical Art of Cartier”.

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