I Think Left Hand Tudor Pelagos Diving Replica Watches Are Very Cool For Men

When the covers were first taken off the Pelagos LHD last year, it was a surprise. From the left-handed crown to the numbered case back, the Pelagos LHD was different from what Tudor had done before. In fact, the Pelagos LHD can be described as a hipster timepiece, being carefully curated to cater to current tastes for a specific type of vintage watch. It combines various elements that collectively evoke memories of vintage sports watches.

Left-handed dive watches are not uncommon, having been historically custom-made for military personnel, either to be worn on the right wrist, or to prevent the crown digging into the back of the palm (as with the Sinn EZM 1 for Germany’s customs police) when worn more conventionally on the left wrist.

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Arguably the best known lefty watches are the Panerai Luminor destro replica watches of the 1940s, named after the Italian word for “right-handed”, which have been been reissued quite profitably.

Similarly, Tudor produced a single left-handed Submariner for an officer in the French Marine Nationale in 1981, a watch now in Tudor’s archives that serves as the inspiration for the Pelagos LHD.
From a more practical perspective for a right-handed person, the crown at nine o’clock initially throws you off. At least for the first couple of days of wear it feels off kilter. Oddly enough that sensation isn’t evident with a destro Panerai, maybe because the Luminor crown lock is unusual to start with.

When the crown is hidden under a sleeve, the sensation is magnified – something seems missing. But the incongruence disappears swiftly. After less than a week it feels right, helped by the fact that the rest of the watch looks and feels good.

The titanium case is a boon. Once exotic titanium is now commonplace and low-cost, but what the alloy lacks in novelty it makes up for in utility. Titanium is lightweight, a quality for which it’s not appreciated enough, especially for a large watch like the 42mm Pelagos LHD Tudor replica watches. Other comparably sized Tudor dive watches in steel or bronze both look and feel big, while the Pelagos feels functional and unburdened.

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Visually titanium is at home with the design philosophy of the watch. The dull grey of the case Tudor diving fake watches, which is brushed on all surfaces, is totally at home with the vaguely retro look. And up close the case stands up with scrutiny, revealing impressively sharp edges and neat lines. The bevels on the lugs are notably well done, as are the points of the crown guard.

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