Elegant Omega Seamaster Replica Watches With Retro Style

1940s was the toughest time for the Swiss watchmaking industry without any doubt. At the end of the Second World War, several companies were in ultimate dangerous conditions. The devastating wars in Europe for many years made the number of watches production in a historical low level. Omega was one of the companies which were in toughest condition. After the Second World War, the situation was getting better.

The design of this Omega Seamster is quite different from the contemporary models of Omega.

Silver Dial Replica Omega Seamaster

In 1948, Omega invested 20 million Swiss francs to build a new factory, improving the ability of production, transferring the attention on the blooming professional market. On basis of the experience of making the water resistant watch for British Army, the Seamaster was born. The antique Omega Seamaster fake watch Ref.CK2518 and Ref.CK2577 were created.

The brown leather strap adds the classic and vintage temperament on this Seamaster.

Stainless Steel Case Omega Imitation Watch

Jean-Pierre Borle found the pattern of seahorse on the side of Gondola during his trip in Venice, then he made this image be the symbol of Omega Seamaster. The Omega knockoff watch with brown leather strap was created to reproduce the classic brilliance of the original Ref.CK2518 and Ref.CK2577 and the vintage style has attracted lots watch lovers who have great passion on antique models.

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