Appreciating Two Luxury Rolex Replica Watches Which Will Be Auctioned At Christie’s In Advance

There will be more than 300 pieces of items auctioned at Christie’s that will be held next week. Here let’s enjoy the two precious fake Rolex watches in advance together. The antique Rolex has a distinctive idyllic aesthetics which has attracted numerous watch lovers and collectors. However, it is extremely rare and expensive. What’s more, there will be two antique models appearing at the Christie’s. This is good news for people who have great passion on the antique Rolex.

1, Rolex 8171 “Padellone”

The antique Rolex always exudes a distinctive and fascinating temperament.

Black Leather Strap Imitation Rolex Ref.8171

The gold case copy Rolex has still preserved a fascinating appearance which had also been called as “Padellone” which means pan in Italian. In fact, this is not a pretty name but it represents the shape of the case. The color of the dial is much darker and from the picture we will know that the minute and hour hands are not the same, one of which must be exchanged before.

2, Rolex Oyster Ref.6062

The hour markers on this model are quite different from other models.

Gold Hands Replica Rolex Ref.6062

The hour markers of the antique knockoff watch are distinctive but unusual. Now from the picture we will see that the dial is aging and the Radium luminescent points are muddy. The case has been polished several times over the years. By the way, the crown has been exchanged.

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